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Why Mini Umbrellas Make Popular Handouts

Year after year, mini umbrellas continue to be one of the most popular promotional products. Highly functional and gender neutral, umbrellas can be used in countless ways in business promotions. Whether it is team spirit events, tradeshows, store promotions or more, umbrellas will enjoy a red carpet welcome everywhere.

Whether it’s a car service, a logistics company or a grocer, business owners will find custom umbrellas a great way to spread the word and advertise their business  throughout the entire year.

But why are Mini umbrellas so popular?

These are budget friendly

Custom Mini Umbrellas are available in a wide range of price rates, which gives marketers a lot of choice.  So, if you are looking for a custom gift that enjoys incredible popularity at fairly easy rates, mini umbrellas could well be your choice.

Large imprint space

The wide canopy of umbrellas will make a  great billboard for your brand and message. Anything imprinted on custom umbrellas will never go unnoticed.

Everyone needs umbrellas

Rain or shine, imprinted umbrellas keep people safe from adverse weather elements. It is not all – umbrellas make fashion accessories and props that are hard to miss. So, you have a high visibility canvas for your artwork and brand in custom umbrellas!

Umbrellas make great talking topics

Mini umbrellas are stylish and easy to carry. Every time your recipients walk down the streets holding these umbrellas, a lot of eyeballs follow your brand.  Anyone who happens to see these trendy umbrellas in various bold color choices will be inspired to delve deeper into your brand and message.

Here are some models that you will find interesting

 Mini pencil umbrellas

Sleek and slim,  37 Inch Arc Personalized Mini Pencil Umbrellas have an impressive imprint area for you to position your brand and message. The convenient carrying strap and matching sleeve are the other features of these compact 6 panel umbrellas which can be carried in purse.

37 Inch Arc Personalized Mini Pencil Umbrellas

Vented Executive Mini Umbrellas  have a sturdy and vented design, which makes it ideal for even rough weather conditions. These auto open & close umbrellas with rubberized handle can fold down to just 10″, which makes it a traveler’s delight!

Personalized Vented Executive Mini Umbrellas

Looking for a stylish umbrella with a compact carry case that makes it easy for your prospects to carry their brollies around? 37 inch Arc Travel Umbrellas w/ Case will make a great choice. These umbrellas are offered in seven bright colors and matching colored case. Your recipients will indeed have a tempting reason to use these umbrellas more often. Get your logo and message imprinted on its canopy to promote your business.

Mini 37 inch Arc Travel Umbrellas w/ Case

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